The Federal Emergency Management Agency wants to help family members of those who have died from the coronavirus pandemic. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 545,000 Americans have died from coronavirus and that number continues to grow. FEMA wants to reimburse families for funeral expenses up to $9,000 per funeral, or up to $35,500 per applicant with families who had multiple family members died of COVID-19 since January 20th, 2020. According to CBS, if multiple people paid for a family member's funeral expenses, the family should apply with one application and the agency will consider documentation from others who paid for portions of the expenses.

FEMA is looking to begin rolling out the program in April along with an 800 number to assist those applying for the reimbursement. The agency will not be giving duplicate benefits if they were already received from insurance or another government agency.

Acting FEMA Administrator Bob Fenton said the agency is working to help Americans during this difficult time, according to a press release from FEMA:

"At FEMA, our mission is to help people before, during, and after disasters. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immense grief for so many people. Although we cannot change what has happened, we affirm our commitment to helping with funeral and burial expenses that many families did not anticipate."

FEMA is working to help Americans that are dealing with the emotional and financial toll of the pandemic. Find out more information on the Federal Emergency Management Agency website.

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