Get an inside look at how the crew behind "Fear The Walking Dead" turned a minor league ballpark in Texas into an apocalyptic settlement. If you were in the Round Rock area of Texas at the end of last year, you may have seen the city's minor league ballpark turned into apocalyptic ruins overrun by zombies. Thankfully, the zombies weren't real and the ballpark is once again shiny and new, with little trace of what the geniuses behind "Fear The Walking Dead" created with Dell Diamond Stadium. And now thanks to a behind-the-scenes video, we're getting to see how they created what the executive producer called the biggest set of the fourth season.

In the fourth season of the show, the cast find a new settlement that have made a home inside of a baseball stadium and the crew needed to find the perfect location. The video shows how the FTWD staff were able to incorporate every aspect of Dell Diamond stadium into the show, from the stadium's mascot, luxury boxes and even the swimming pool located on the premises. They even explain how much difficulty they had trying to make the grass look worn and dead so they finally had to actually kill the grass in the stadium. Crops were planted in the middle of the field, livestock were brought in and props to make it seem like people have been living in the camp for a long time. Check out the behind-the-scenes video above to get a closer look.

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