Tomorrow is Independence Day and I am getting my list of movies ready. I have chosen 4 films that scream Independence pride. I enjoy watching war movies although hate the sad endings in some. The list below is just a few favorites of the many movies that I enjoy on the 4th of July. Although one of the movies I haven't been able to get into is Independence Day with Will Smith.

The 4th of July is all about celebrating our Independence that our troops continue to fight for us. The movies show how our military fight for our family, America, and most of all our freedom. These movies are always enjoyable regardless of giving us the waterworks. They show us a similar yet sugar-coated idea of what our troops face to fight for our freedom. I hope you like the 4 war flicks I have chosen to celebrate the 4th of July!

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    Forrest Gump

    Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) is a perfect example of accomplishing anything in life. He wore leg braces and soon breaks free and becomes metal free. He joins the college football team and after graduating college joins the army. He survives the Vietnam war and even rescues his battle buddies. Forrest Gump also includes a lot of history throughout the film.

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    The Patriot

    This movie definitely had me holding on to the tissue box! A widowed farmer (Mel Gibson) served his time in the military and decided not to join until he gets word about his son joining. He finds out his son is captured by the enemy and then decides to join to help rescue his oldest son.

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    Born On The 4th of July

    This movie definitely demonstrates PTSD at it's finest. A young teenager Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise) enlists in the Marines fulfilling his patriotic duty. Life throws him a curve ball during his second tour in Vietnam. He experiences something quite traumatizing. He also becomes paralyzed in battle and later becomes extremely emotional.

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    This movie hits home to military families all over. This is about a soldier who does his time in Iraq and ready to return to civilian life. Unexpectedly, he is required to return to duty in Iraq. Staff Sgt. Brandon King (Ryan Phillippe is distraught and is considering to flee to Mexico.