On Monday, officials closed Health Massage because "illegal activity occurs habitually." Health Massage is located at 10420 Montwood Drive, and had been at the center of a year and a half long investigation by local and state officials. The results of that investigation allegedly show that the business was simply a front for prostitution.

County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal spoke about the investigation:

Violations include the hiring of unlicensed massage therapists, and evidence that male customers who frequent Health Massage are offered and receive sexual services.

The investigation included the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and it found that women who were employed by Health Massage also lived there and often wore sexually provocative clothing intended to entice customers into purchasing sexual services. The business would also advertise online, promoting sex for sale.

It was just last month a whole series of massage parlors across Texas were raided in a prostitution sting. It was also within the past month that the case against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was thrown out because, well, he has a ton of money and was able to get the video tape they have of him going into a massage parlor for the ole rub-and-tug thrown out. Money wins folks.

You might read this story and wonder why it's a big deal. You think the old profession in the book should be legal everywhere. Well, the underlying issue here is human trafficking. And that, is a major problem. But, it these places were legal, you might actually cut down on human trafficking because you can properly monitor the places to crack down better on human trafficking. Then again, I'm just a radio guy and this is all way above my paygrade.

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