We've all said it at least once. "Thanks 2020." This was the year that was supposed to be amazing. All the good holidays are on weekends, including Halloween. Well, COVID-19 changed that. But there are still fun fall activities you can do, despite the pandemic. Here are some ideas:

  1. Some pumpkin patches are still open. But even if you don't want to go to a pumpkin patch, you can still buy a pumpkin at the grocery store and decorate or carve it.
  2. Along the same lines as number 1, you can still decorate your house. I know my wife and I are planning on going all out this year.
  3. Hopefully other people decorate their houses too, because if they do, you can walk around your neighborhood and check out all the decorations.
  4. Something you can do to add to checking out the decorations is create a Halloween BINGO card. Skulls, bats, witches, etc. can all be options and you can walk around until someone wins.
  5. You're already stuck at home with your family, why not start watching Halloween/horror movies.
  6. Spend time as a family making autumn desserts like pumpkin pie or roasting your pumpkin seeds.
  7. Have a family game night but include things like hot apple cider to give it that autumn flavor. Of course, in West Texas, we might need it to cool down a bit before you go for the piping hot beverage.

The point of all this is we don't have to let 2020 and COVID-19 ruin our Halloween season. There are still options to spend some time with your family and have some fun.

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