The video I’m linking to is titled on YouTube as “Toothless Racist in El Paso Tx, His Name is-----“…and then it gives a name. I’m not giving the name here because there’s so much we don’t know for sure. Primarily, is that actually the guy’s name? It would suck if everybody gave the guy named a hard time and then find out that he had nothing to do with it. So don’t do that. Do be horrible. At least until you know for sure.

There are other questions. Like, is this real? Is this some kind of prank or troll-job?

Also, DID it happen in El Paso? The video on YouTube says it is but there are indications it’s not. El Paso has Valero but not blue street signs. Our street signs are green, not blue. Also, some people are saying the guy’s license plates are from Houston but, honestly, I can’t make out anything on his plates at all.

Oh, and it’s overcast in the video. It’s never overcast in El Paso.

It now looks like this story has been picked up by celebrities and the Twitter-sphere.

So, assuming this is a real video of a real racist verbal attacks…does anyone really know who this guy is? He seems like the kind of guy you’d remember if you’d met him. His personality is very…how to say it…flamboyant. Also, Joanna knows everyone that goes to the gay bars in EP, TX and she says she’s never seen homegirl before.

One other observation: he’s yelling at the woman for taking up two lanes…and then he makes an illegal turn THROUGH the Valero parking lot.


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