Meow Wolf is where you and your child can have some fun with your imaginations! The place that can have you in one realm and into another the next. Meow Wolf is expanding opening a Denver location in 2020 and Las Vegas this year. You travel in odd ways through objects like a fridge or even a washer. This kind of adventure is an all day thing and not too far away from El Paso. Also, you can discover new parts of the attraction by solving the clues to find them. It was the perfect getaway for me, my son, my friend, and her daughter. Meow Wolf has so many tourists stopping by to escape their reality into this fantasy. Every single room has something different for you to try. There is one room that's painted all white and has blue lighting. It has this rib cage looking sculpture that plays music when you tap it. Spring break is right around the corner and this would be the ultimate road trip for the family!

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