Epica is gearing up to release their fifth studio album on March 9 in Europe and March 13 in the states. In an interview with Noisecreep, frontwoman Simone Simons talks about the balance of being a strong vocalist while still maintaining her femininity.

Simons offers some choice words of advice to young women who want to follow her career path, she says, “Guys will never fully understand women and the other way around is true. Just try and live in peace. Guys get angry and yell, but girls are angry for weeks, so think like a man on the road.”

She goes on to say, “Guys will not think like women. It’s up to us to make it simpler and break it down to the core and not be so emotional. Grow a beard and get some balls.”

The singer also talks about her feminine side: “I am a girly girl. I love fashion and makeup, and I have a couple of cameras, and I love photography. I love Ray Ban sunglasses and collect them. I don’t drink beer.”

Her melodic vocals also show another layer of her strong femininity yet she reveals that, “It took me a while to like my own voice. I said I don’t think my voice is that special, but my boyfriend who is a great musician whose opinion I value said it is very special! For this record, I am very content with my vocals and actually like my vocals now. It took me a while to get there, before I found that.” Head on over to Noisecreep to read the full interview with Simone Simons.

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