ABC’s ‘Revenge’ is one of our favorite guilty pleasures on TV right now, so why not crush on star Emily VanCamp?

The Canadian actress has been acting regularly on TV since 2002, when she landed the role of Amy Abbott on ‘Everwood,’ one of those WB shows that dudes don’t really watch. Since that show went off the air, she had a solid run on ‘Brothers & Sisters’ before being cast as Emily Thorne on ‘Revenge.’ On that show, VanCamp does a deft job of embodying a young woman who has lost everything and who only wants to make her enemies lose everything too.

In addition to being a total hottie, VanCamp speaks fluent French and is politically active, working to raise awareness during Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

Let’s hope ‘Revenge’ lasts for many, many more seasons because there’s always people that deserve it. If not, maybe we can find Emily work around our office. These new desks aren’t just going to build themselves.


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