Elmer's Family Restaurant has been shut down! The El Paso staple has been open for 74 years but what is being called a "misunderstanding" could very well mean the end for this iconic restaurant. After seeing this Facebook post many El Pasoans were concerned.

The signs on the doors and windows indicate that the restaurant violated its lease- leading the property owners to change the locks. But good news, the keys could be handed back once the restaurant pays its rent. As to why they haven't paid the rent? Who knows. Upon reading the comments, there was a reply from Elmer's Family Restaurant themselves stating it was purely a misunderstanding and they were working on reopening soon:

elmers fb

No lie, their chicken fried steak is delicious and their fried chicken is bomb! If the restaurant does stay closed what could this mean for the citizens of El Paso? It certainly is important to many people in town. It's the perfect spot for dining, and it's definitely a great throwback to the good old days for many. Hopefully this could get settled soon and the doors will open once again and we could all rejoice in fried chicken heaven.

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