Local filmmakers will now have the opportunity to hone their skills with the pros.

Star Central Studios recently announced their new learning center where local filmmakers will be paired up with professionals in the field and given access to professional grade equipment and a full - on, functioning movie set among other things.

The long term goal of Star Central Studios Learning Center is to educate local talent and thereby grow the local film industry which would then generate jobs, create a film district, and bring numerous, economic opportunities.

Photo, Gilbert Jorgenson
Photo, Gilbert Jorgenson

In February, Star Central founder Gilbert Jorgenson, (an award winning photo journalist and advertising principle), and Ricardo Herrera, (a veteran filmmaker and worldwide motion picture producer) were invited to Austin.

There, they and the other Star Central board members were honored for their project at the Texas State Capitol by Senator Cesar Blanco,.

The school was also covered by our news partners at KVIA.

According to a press release:

Star Central Studios announced the creation of Star Central Studios Learning Center, a new, donor-supported, non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and enriching the community for filmmakers in West Texas and beyond. The mission of the nonprofit is to support local filmmakers in producing their own content in El Paso, and providing the tools and resources essential to give voice and visibility to their bodies of work.

The learning centers initial priority is to gather funds for a new screening room and to generate opportunities for local filmmakers to show off their skills.

Star Central is already well on their way toward putting El Paso on the map when it comes to film production.

Not to mention giving aspiring filmmakers the ability to stay here rather than taking their talents elsewhere in search of the things Star Central provides.

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