If you're thinking I am going to choose Scenic Drive you're absolutely wrong. Don't get me wrong, Scenic Drive does have a nice view but just not enough comfortable space between you and the car. But Scenic Drive isn't the only spot you can enjoy taking a stroll that is always enjoyable because of the view. There are a few areas around town you can enjoy a peaceful walk at.

I bet there are other spots in El Paso you can take a walk while enjoying a view that I don't even know about. But the areas I do know of are scattered throughout some of El Paso. The only areas I know of places you can go for a peaceful walk ranges from far Westside to Central just before reaching the Northeast. I haven't really gotten to know the other surrounding areas the way I have with the areas I've grown to know.

My ultimate favorite place to go for a nice walk that never disappoints is along Rim Rd. There is no way anyone or anything can change my mind about Rim Rd. being the best spot to take a walk. There are other places that also have a breathtaking view that makes cardio thrilling.


Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

Another area that has quite the scenery is Alabama near McKelligon Canyon. Then there is also the trail on the Westside on Resler that has a good amount of room. Another popular spot is Scenic Drive which a lot of participants take advantage of on Scenic Sundays. Even though it is a busy street, Montana Ave. near the spaghetti bowl also has a good scenic view when the sun rises and sets. 

Best Places For A Stroll

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