Austin360 came out with their list of the 20 best songs about Texas and El Pasoans let us know what songs they would put on that list. Yesterday, we told you about Austin-American Statesman and Austin 360 journalist Michael Barnes who wrote a list of the "20 Best Songs About Texas" and the songs he chose for that list.

After reading the list the first artist I thought of was El Paso's adopted hometown boy Khalid but listeners immediately chimed in with the songs they believe should have made the list. I now realize there were many songs that were ignored and forgotten by the writers who compiled this list.

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Listeners gave us their opinions and the song choices were varied, from metalcore songs, emo alt-rock classics, and even a kid's show that included a heartfelt ballad about a girl's love for Texas. Check out the list below and see more songs about the Lone Star State.

Upon A Burning Body “Texas Blood Money”

Reading the lyrics of this song, it absolutely should have been included in the best songs about Texas. I'm actually offended it wasn't. The song starts with the famous words "The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of texas." From there, the song is filled with lines paying tribute to Texas' Cowboys from Hell. Listen to the song for yourself and try not to blast it while taking shots of whiskey.

Taking Back Sunday “El Paso”

To be honest, I'm hitting myself that I didn't think of this song myself. A listener sent it in and I was ashamed I forgot about this album. Taking Back Sunday's self-titled 5th studio album had "El Paso" as the first song on the album and lead singer Adam Lazzara told NoiseCreep the song "embodies both the mood of the environment we were in down there and the mood we were in about being back together again and writing new music." While the song doesn't actually have lyrics about the Sun City, the vibe of the song alludes to the old western feel of Sonic Ranch, where Taking Back Sunday's album was recorded.

W.A.S.P. “Blind In Texas”

This song starts out with the band being at an El Paso watering hole drinking for free, which seems pretty on-brand for El Paso and our love of treating bands and celebs in town to shots. But the song also talks about their time in other Texas cities, basically drinking their way through the Lone Star State. Also, bonus points for a cool video.

Lil Ro ft Paul Wall “Texas”

Finally! A rap submission. This song is filled with rappers discussing how you can tell their from Texas, and how even though they're not riding horses and in cowboy boots you still can still tell their from Texas.

Sponge Bob Square Pants Sandy Song About Texas

You may not think this song should be on the list and you would be WRONG. This is an emotional and heartfelt ballad about a girl who misses her home state with all her heart.

Other song submissions:

Waylon Jennings “Bob Wills Is Still The King”

Union Underground “South Texas Death Ride”

Hank Jr. “Texas Women”

Any and All Stevie Ray Vaughn Songs 

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