When there are events that take place at Ascarate Lake you know you can expect a good time with a stunning view. It isn't all the time that El Pasoans get to light up Ascarate Lake so when the time comes, you take advantage. Plus, you would be crazy not to see Ascarate Lake in totally different lighting.

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After all, that is why a lot of locals love to get cardio in for the day at Ascarate Lake from time to time. Whether you like to run, walk, or simply ride your bike for exercise working out at Ascarate Lake makes it so much better.

But can you imagine experiencing Ascarate Lake in a way we're normally not used to? For just one day we will be allowed to light up the lake with some cool water lanterns in a couple of months.

Usually, we aren't allowed to toss such things as that in the lake except for when Water Lantern Festival rolls into town. Luckily, El Paso will be happy to welcome back Water Lantern Festival again on Saturday, April 23.

This kind of event is definitely where you can have a good time with your family and friends. Just check out Go Beyond's YouTube video of the Water Lanter Festival in El Paso from 2018 below.

You will be decorating a water lantern that you will later release your masterpiece to float around Ascarate Lake. So if you're down to light up Ascarate Lake, tickets are selling cheap right now before it bumps up to $10 more from $25. You can get more details about Water Lantern Festival coming to El Paso again and to purchase tickets by clicking here.

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