Lately, the weather in El Paso has been intense for some people in the Sun City. Imagine how the people who work outside like construction workers feel in the heat. Hell, even just making the drive from work to your home can be brutal. I feel for the people who don't have an air conditioner and have to ride with the windows down. That actually used to be me many summers ago when my air conditioner broke in my 4 Runner. I know our three-digit temperatures lately are nothing compared to Arizona's temps. I definitely learned there is no point to style my hair just to go club-hopping at night in Phoenix years ago. I love our summers here and actually prefer the heat over cold winters.

El Paso isn't just called the Sun City for nothing and has a lot of sunny days. Lately, I have been spending a lot of time outside since my daughter enjoys it. Of course, I keep her in the shade while I work on my tan while we play outside. The other day was so hot after our playtime outside I decided to skip making dinner. I just skipped a warm meal in general just because of how much the heat got to me. Instead of cooking in front of a hot stove, I decided to bring out my inner kid at heart and have ice cream for dinner. I enjoyed every bite I took and definitely cooled me down real quick. My favorite summer flavors to get together are Mint Chocolate Chip and Daiquiri Ice. Let me know if you've ever skipped a warm meal and replaced it with two scoops of ice cream below.

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