A bunch of Local Locos are uniting in a special, one time only lineup to raise money for the family of one of their own.

A veritable "who's who" of great ... legendary even ... El Paso musicians are getting together for one night. Jay Haake, (Soren), posted this announcement on Facebook:

Very happy and excited to announce a “one off” concert in benefit of our brother Danny Contreras and his daughter. All of you know Dan for his participation in very exciting projects. For just one night Mat Lynch (Pissing Razors, Years of Cold) Joe Rodriguez (Pissing Razors, TXVS) Matteo Martinez (333, Hate Campaign) and myself will perform all of Wick War Burns songs. Plus getting all of our friends and brothers that have played with him while we jam tunes from Years of Cold, The Sixth, Johobo, Hate Campaign, etc. One night event that can (not) be missed. We hope to see all your support for our brother Dan. All proceedings from show will go to his surviving Daughter. Date to be determined...

I will absolutely keep you posted on what's happening with this as it's going to be a helluva night. Keep checking KLAQ.com for updates!