A few months ago, we had a wave of car jackings. Now, the robbers want their turn.

El Paso, statistically, has always been one of the safest cities in America but, no place is perfect. This year, we've seen more robberies and figures in the El Paso Times showed West side robberies up the most, growing by 50%:

  • West - 21 this year, 14 last year. Up 50 percent
  • Central -- 58 this year; 53 last year. Up 9 percent.
  • Mission Valley -- 20 this year; 18 last year. Up 11 percent.
  • Northeast -- 37 this year; 34 last year. Up 9 percent.
  • Pebble Hills -- 49 this year; 39 last year. Up 26 percent.

If you have information on any crime, you can report it anonymously to Crime Stoppers of El Paso. Reports can be made online, by phone at (915) 566-8477 or, you can call EPPD at (915) 832-4400.