Find your new favorite author and share yours with another reader by checking out the Little Free Libraries around El Paso. If you ever walked around different neighborhoods in the Borderland, you may have seen a Little Free Library in someone's yard, or in front of a business.

These Little Free Libraries are a place where adults and kids can take a book, or share a book. Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization created in St. Paul, Minnesota that has helped inspire readers across the globe to help create better access to books. These libraries work different than the local libraries, by allowing people access the libraries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where ever they are located. The concept is simple- pick a book you want to read, and bring it back whenever you're finished. There are no return dates so you can read the book as long as you'd like, and bring it back whenever is convenient for you. The best part, people can donate books to the library as well. This allows new books to be brought in that people may not have had the chance to read before.

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Little Free Libraries are a great way to promote reading for younger generations. In a world full of video games, tv shows, and social media, this is a great way to try and promote reading for people who may not have access to a library or the ability to purchase books. I have seen Little Free Libraries in Kern Place in El Paso, as well as in San Elizario, so these libraries are spread out throughout the city.

If you want to find the closest Little Free Library to you, check out their interactive map on their website. You can also find out how to start your own Little Free Library in your neighborhood on the website.

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