This past Mother's Day weekend was a busy one for Customs and Border Protection officers. Not necessarily with travelers but busy with the arrests they had to make. Even some of the arrests made were for wanted fugitives by Customs and Border Protection officers. The bridges that had their hands full on Mother's Day weekend were Ysleta, Paso del Norte, Bridge of Americas, Presidio, and Santa Teresa. There were 16 arrests made all over the Borderland which left some mothers upset. KTSM News Channel 9 reported about the busy activity that occurred at the bridges.

This kind of news had me wondering what the moms were thinking especially right before Mother's Day. If you've grown up in a Hispanic household then you know how Hispanic moms react. After hearing about this kind of news I could already picture the moms furious their one day of the year is ruined. I am someone who comes from a Hispanic household and knows better than to do something like that. I'm not recommending that anyone break the law, but if you do at least wait for the special occasion to pass.

When you're a parent and you do not hear from your grown-up kids, the worst things run through your mind. If I didn't hear from my kids I would be freaking out trying to not think the worst. Age is just a number to a Hispanic mom when she's grilling out her troublemaking offspring. I just hope that Mother's Day wasn't completely ruined for the moms that had to deal with the arrests. I would feel heartbroken as well if I wasn't able to spend Mother's Day with my kids.

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