After Buzz and Fernie read some of the crazy missed connections from El Pasoans posted on Craigslist, someone decided to write one for them. Whoever you are, you have some problems.

This Craigslist missed connection is a woman for a man, specifically a woman for Buzz and Fernie. This woman wants to get Buzz in bed and rub McDonalds's all over him. She didn't write that but I bet that's what she is thinking.

Once they finish with the McDonald's threesome, she wants to bring in Fernie for some chocolate kisses. Whatever those are, that is just gross. Chocolate and burgers just don't go together.

For the woman or questionable man who wrote this, I would hope you don't have diabetes and are not fertile. You can have all the sexytime you want with these guys but you better practice safe sex. Fries might end up in places you can not even imagine.

Go ahead and call in to the show to set up a date with these guys. Fernie keeps looking for a Valentine's Day date, so you better snatch him up while you can. Leave a comment or come by the studio with a bouquet of bacon flowers. Don't be shy, I know the Morning Show would love to meet you!

Fernie's Photo
Fernie's Photo


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