We all know the rule, if you can't stand being in a hot car then don't leave your dog in there. If it's hot for you, it's hot for them and in this triple digit heat it's dangerous and can turn deadly quickly if a pet is left in a car. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the temperature in your car can rise up to 20 degrees more in the hot temperatures in just ten minutes. It sometimes stuns me how some people don't understand that.

Now, under Texas "hot car" laws, you can break a window if a pet or even a child is in the car and you think they're in imminent danger, but, you can be sued for damages. The best bet ALWAYS is to call 911. Which is exactly what Michael Bray of El Paso did. On July 4th, Bray was at the Albertson's on Kern Place when he noticed a dog crying in a car. According to Bray's Facebook page, before he called 911 he went into the store to see if someone could do something about it, but was told that they could do nothing about it. Well, Bray did call 911 and as he was waiting, the guy whose car it was finally showed up.

The worrisome part is that NO ONE OPENS THE DOOR FOR THE DOG! Bray had been out there for twenty minutes and according to Bray, as he drove away he didn't see neither the owner nor the ACS worker open the door to check on the dog! Bray, along with me and anyone who has seen the video (which has been viewed about 7,000 times), would like an update! Did the owner get fined? Why did the ACS worker not want to be filmed? And most importantly, IS THE DOG OKAY??

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