The curfew for El Paso juveniles IS in effect but some kids have an out.

El Paso County Commissioners have extended a curfew set for juveniles in El Paso. The court first established a curfew for minors back in 2016. It stated that youths under 17 were barred from being in public areas between 11pm and 5am while the current order reportedly runs from 11pm - 6am.

El Paso's curfew allows exceptions for some things like school activities, family events, emergencies, being in the company of a parent or legal guardian and going back and forth to work among other things.

KVIA reported that the extension was brought about partly due to an increase in juvenile related crimes. Most criminal activity involving El Paso "juvies" involve assault and drugs but KVIA added that the El Paso Sheriffs Office says it's seen an increase in incidents involving minors with deadly weapons including firearms.

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Curfews in Texas are not state mandated, they are set by the individual cities This means that the ordinances concerning minors that are in effect here in El Paso may not necessarily mirror those instituted in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, etc.

It should be noted that the curfew hasn't really been "implemented", it's just been "extended". Meaning that it never came off the books, it was just sort of put on hold throughout the COVID 19 quarantine. Now, as things continue to normalize ... and minor related crime rates seem to be rising ... it's back to business for the Po-Po who will now, once again, actively enforce the ordinance.

Sorry kids, after school fun has a time limit these days...

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