There are some adults and all children who wish for a white Christmas in El Paso. Unfortunately, with our weather, you never know what to expect sometimes. There are some days we actually get caught off guard by our weather in El Paso. I have always said El Paso has bi-polar weather and how we should always plan in advance just to be safe. For example, I always make sure to carry a few hoodies and jackets in my vehicle. It doesn't hurt to stay prepared in a city like ours where the weather frequently changes. El Paso can have warm sunny weather one day and a cold front the next. Last year KTSM News Channel 9 had reported it has been 23 years since El Paso had a white Christmas. We sort of came close back in 2015, except we saw snow the day after Christmas on December 26, 2015. The last time the borderland experienced a white Christmas was in 1997.

I still think 2020 is better than the year I had in 1997. I remember being a brace-face and couldn't eat certain foods. Well, that white Christmas I broke a bracket for being a rebel and eating something I shouldn't have. Anyone who has had braces know just how annoying it is when that happens. But the white Christmas we had kept my spirits up despite a broken bracket. Some of us adults and almost all children hope to wake up to a white Christmas in El Paso. According to Weather Atlas, El Paso usually sees snow in the month of December. The only time I will accept a snow day in El Paso is when I don't have to be driving in it. Times it has snowed before in El Paso I have had to be somewhere and absolutely despise driving in that weather. When it would snow in El Paso I remember hearing about different accidents that occur around the city. Place your vote if you would like to see a white Christmas in El Paso in the poll below.

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