Grasshoppers are no strangers in El Paso, Texas. But over the weekend, it seemed like we've seen way more grasshoppers than usual. And some of the locals have noticed this surge of these little buggers all over town & they went to social media to ask why we're seeing so many all over El Paso.

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Is El Paso infested with grasshoppers?

That's what one Reddit user posted on Saturday morning; a user named SyntheticOne noticed a lot of them on the sidewalk while out on a walk. Some people chimed in on saying that El Paso wasn't the only city seeing more grasshoppers than usual; Las Cruces in New Mexico but Ft Worth has seen a huge increase this year.

So why is that? Is it true what user "asarcosghost"?

"The first of the seven seals has been opened. Soon the great star Wormwood will fall to earth and the world will be thrust into darkness"

path in a dark and scary forest

There's a reason why El Paso gets many grasshoppers.

It's not because of a plague of Biblical proportions; it's nature. According to a 2006 article from Texas A&M, it's very common for grasshoppers to live in the desert. They prefer the hot, dry weather because it's perfect for them to lay their eggs & raise their young. And since El Paso has seen temperatures reach up to 110 degrees in June & July alone, that's one of the main reasons we've seen more grasshoppers than usual.

Although El Paso is no stranger to seeing some truly unique species of grasshoppers, sometimes El Paso can see truly beautiful ones. Like pink grasshoppers.

So no, El Paso didn't have an "infestation" of grasshoppers. It's a normal occurrence during the summer; as long as El Paso will continue to experience extremely hot weather, the grasshoppers will come & come in troves. And if they start to annoy you, well you can always make grasshopper tacos if you're hungry.

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