Who remembers dancing the night away to salsa, country, hip hop, and singing all under one roof? When I was going to college at New Mexico State University, every weekend we would be itching to go out and blow off steam from the stresses of studying. The place to be for students at NMSU was at Grahams Central Station in Las Cruces. There was always a huge line waiting outside to get in, and if you were lucky enough to know the bouncers, you could skip to the front and not have to wait outside in the cold during the winter.

Once inside, you'd pay your cover fee and then get to head off into the nightlife spot. There were four clubs inside and each had a different theme and music style you could enjoy- country music in Denim & Diamonds, Latin and salsa music in the Miami room, the latest hits in South Beach, and finally, you could test your drunken singing chops at Alley Cats. The entertainment venue gave you the feel of being in four different nightlife spots at once, and you could go with all your friends and everyone would find somewhere they wanted to hang out.

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While I'm more familiar with the Grahams in Las Cruces, Joanna told me about the location in El Paso. Both nightclubs were popular but due to the lack of diversity in Las Cruces, that location was open longer. The Grahams Central Station in El Paso closed around while according to the Grahams Las Cruces Facebook page, it was open all the way until June of 2015. There are plenty of new party spots around El Paso but what I really miss was the way you could pay to get into one bar, but really be able to meander through four. If one ar was busy, you could hop over to another room and grab a drink, or use a less occupied bathroom. I'd still like to see if this once popular nightlife spot could bring back the magic again.

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