Barbie is everywhere, and now she has officially invaded one of El Paso's favorite snacks!

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"Barbie", directed by Greta Gerwig hits theaters soon and the movie is anticipated to be one of the biggest movies of the year. Barbie is everywhere and now, the Barbie overload has officially hit El Paso, specifically one of El Paso's favorite snack restaurants that specialize in elotes!

Picos Corn

Jarritos Mexican Soda via Unsplash
Jarritos Mexican Soda via Unsplash

At Picos Corn, located at 865 N. Resler, they serve elote in a cup, as well as whole elote. And now they've announced their very new, and limited summer item, Barbie elotes! And they are just as bright and sparkly as you could imagine (I never thought I would have to describe elote that way!).

A pink elote for Barbie and, not to be forgotten, a blue one for Ken! How cool! And what do the foodies of El Paso say? They approve!

Elotazo Los Mas Virales

Another great elote place in El Paso, Elotazo Los Mas Virales, located at 14701 Marvin Ln, is also sharing their Barbie-inspired elote masterpiece!

Normally I wouldn't commend altering this all-time favorite snack, but this I approve of! It could be because pink is my favorite color, or it could also be that I was particularly fond of Barbie's as I was growing up, but I find this trend of turning everything into Barbie super fun!

"Barbie" stars Margot Robbie as the iconic Mattel toy. I'm sure that in the coming weeks we'll begin to see more and more Barbie-inspired foods; it's perfect for El Paso foodies who deem this the summer of Barbie!

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