We've officially been in the pandemic for over a year and many businesses and events that closed down a year ago are reopening. After months of being told to stay home, it seemed like the pandemic would never end. We started missing our normal activities we never really appreciated.

One of my favorite weekend activities was heading to the Downtown Art and Farmer's Market. The market always had fun and unique items for sale and plenty of delicious food vendors to try. When the pandemic hit, the farmer's market was one of the many events that were stopped indefinitely. I didn't know when my favorite Saturday morning activity could resume but now we finally know a date.

According to the Downtown Farmer's Market Instagram page, the market will reopen on Saturday, April 10th. According to the post, social distancing and face masks will be required to attend. Find out more details about the Downtown Farmer's Market on the event's Instagram page, Facebook page, and on the Downtown El Paso Twitter.

It's exciting to see so many events and other activities in the Sun City beginning again. Hopefully, we are on our way back to some sort of normalcy in our lives, even if it does mean with masks and social distancing.

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