As the state of Texas starts to re-open, it seems like El Paso is on its own timeline. Biking and walking trails have opened up across the city and that includes Scenic Drive, although that's only open on Sunday for now. 

Dozens of people showed up yesterday as Scenic Drive opened up to pedestrians and motorists after several weeks of being closed. Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26th), the El Paso City Council will meet to discuss opening up Scenic Drive to pedestrians on a daily basis.

City Representative Peter Svarzbein said:

Right now, we have the summer that's approaching, UTEP is out. We know that more businesses, more restaurants, more bars are opening up, let's go and have another opportunity to keep this road closed for cars so that we can encourage people to be outside and be healthy. This just gives El Pasoans another place, another opportunity to go out, to get some exercise in a safe and socially distancing way

  • Lost Dog
  • Round House
  • Lazy Cow
  • Thousand Steps
  • Palisades
  • Lomas del Sol
  • Jan Sumrail Memorial
  • Scenic Drive (Scenic Sundays)

The discussion to re-open Scenic Drive to pedestrians needs to cover:

  • How many people can you reasonably expect to show up at any one time?
    • Will that be too many people to keep an appropriate 6 foot distance?
  • If far too many people do show up, how do you enforce crowd control to make sure it's safe for everyone involved?


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