Christmas time is here & I love it: I love setting up the Christmas tree, I love looking at all the wonderful light displays around my neighborhood, all the festival food & treats made during this time, family coming out of town to visit. It's a wonderful time of year. A perfect holiday...well...almost.

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If there's only one thing about Christmas that I could do without, it most certainly would be... THE NOISE.

I live over on the west side of town off of Mesa St. Around my house is a fire station &  the police station further down Mesa. Every night I hear fire trucks, ambulances & police responding to emergencies so it's already hard enough to sleep. But when you also add in the churches, the bars & all the houses around mine; there's always a party going on, especially over the weekends.

Now if it's during the daytime, when everyone's awake, I don't have a problem with that. But when it's late at night, like for example at two in the morning, & I hear loud music from just a few houses down, people laughing/screaming or even sometimes, shooting off fireworks... I tend to get a little cranky the next morning.

It's even worse when you live with dogs & grandparents. When they hear anything outside, the dogs will start barking & barking, everyone wakes up & the people start shouting, outside the music is blaring & the fireworks are popping....

So yes... call me a Grinch if you want, but that is the one thing during the holidays I can do without. I'm not saying noise is bad, just... not at 2 a.m. when everyone is trying to sleep.

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