El Pasoans enjoy this weather in different ways and some of those El Pasoans include the Rio Grande in their plans. Especially those who love to be with nature and either fish or just float along the Rio Grande. If your weekend plans consisted of fishing or floating down the Rio Grande, there's been a change of plans.

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If you were planning on spending time with nature and fish along the Rio Grande, start considering other plans. But if you must really fish, then you're just going to have to take a road trip elsewhere. It's sad because kids on the other side of the border keep cool by taking a dip in the Rio Grande near the affected area.

An urgent message was posted on the El Paso Water Facebook page yesterday. Well, if this is barely news to you then whatever you do, avoid the Rio Grande at all costs. That is unless you don't mind that there was a wastewater line break yesterday.

EPWater announced that the wastewater is colliding with the Rio Grande river water. The area the wastewater is close-by to Paisano Dr. and Racetrack Dr. and asking you to avoid contact with the river water. Plus, they also mentioned how the plant center that treats the water stopped for the season as of last week.

Now hopefully, you're the type to play it safe than be sorry and not test the waters. Who knows what you could possibly catch besides fish swimming in filthy wastewater. So EPWater is advising you to avoid any contact with the Rio Grande's river water.

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