The new Slash "enhanced edition" Apocalyptic Love release ROX!!

Once again, I find a surprise in the mail!  This time around my friend Ray at Capitol Records sent me an early Christmas gift that is awesome!

The "enhanced edition" of Slashs' latest effort is really cool and will TOTALLY rock the Slash fan(s) on your "nice list" ... or, even better, the ones on the naughty list!

First, it comes in a really cool box with 3 CDs ... 1 music, 2 DVDs!!  Also included are the cd booklet and a special tin with 6 Slash guitar picks!

Second, the Apocalyptic Love Cd features a couple of bonus tracks.

Third, the DVDs are both live sets from Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators!  One is the Guitar Center Sessions that I've mentioned on air a few times. (Because they blew that mofo up!)  The other is a full blown live show with Slash and the fellas tearing up New York City!!

Truly a great gift idea or, just buy one for yourself!!  Here's a sample of the cool-ness you'll find in the semi-acoustic Guitar Center Sessions DVD!