Yesterday, I told you a story about Powerman 5000s Balloonfest appearance.  Today, let's look at last years!

I was trying to think up a funny (or weird) moment to tell you about from 2012, but last years Balloonfest was loaded with them!  Some not so good (Hellyeah couldn't make it.) but the weekend overall was one long goooooood time!  P. O. D. played last year and that was probably the most fun day!


They decided instead of eating out, they wanted to bbq.  We sent a runner out to buy meat and stuff and a good friend of ours, (and master chef!) Jack Carpenter, manned the grill.  Sonny from P.O.D. had his son on tour with him so they got some good father/son time in and the rest of the band had a great time just chillin and grillin!

One of their party had also lived in Juarez for awhile.  He invited some relatives he hadn't seen in forever and the bbq turned into a really nice family reunion.  It was more like spending the day in their backyard then a show/work day!

Check out the video below to see what else happened that weekend and get ready to make new Balloonfest memories this weekend at Wet n Wild!

The Balloonfest 2013 headliners are Mark Tremonti, Sully Erna of Godsmack, Aranda, Young Guns and Halestorm! Tickets are on sale at all area 7-11/Alon locations.

See 'ya there!!