I played an interview earlier with Sergio from Deftones.  Wanna know what other rock star inspired the name of the new Deftones CD?  Or what Sergio wanted to be before he became a rock star??  Check out the un-edited interview here!

I always have to cut stuff out of the interviews I do and it sucks!  Sometimes there's cussing, sometimes they're too long, phones break up, etc, etc  ...

Thanks to the internet though, now I can bring you complete interviews regardless of those things!  Extra info, funny outtakes ... even some things I leave out deliberately just so I can post them here for you guys!  Here's one I did last week with Sergio from Deftones.  This weeks "you'll only hear it here" moment?  The career Sergio originally dreamed of!

Find out what it was ... and a lot more ... here!  :)

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