Some have said that El Paso can't have tornadoes because of our mountains but that certainly isn't true. There was a rare weather occurrence that took place far East out of El Paso in Sierra Blanca. Christi Pearson caught some of the action as she was riding in the passenger seat. Not only was a video captured but there were photos taken that will show not one but two tornadoes side by side. The last tornado that touched down in Sierra Blanca happened in 2007.

Earlier this year Alamogordo experienced an EF1 tornado this last summer in June. They could tell it was an EF1 because of the damage it had done to a tree. A meteorologist explained how you can tell what kind of tornado hits by the damage it causes. This just means that the long-time myth about our Borderland city has been busted. Guess this just means we should prepare for tornadoes just to be safe than sorry.

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