This would be the only time I would turn down a donut because of the clown! Since I was younger and know some of you also have a fear of clowns.

In Katy, Texas one donut company is taking October very seriously with their latest promo! I'm so glad this company doesn't exist here in El Paso! My relatives and friends would purposely try and ruin my birthday with this kind of gesture. Yes, I know there are friendly clowns but the one above delivering donuts is straight up creepy! This donut company can leave someone hurt with this type of delivery service. I mean look at the reaction the dude in the video above had. Shoot, for all we know someone who feels like their life is in danger and can actually shoot the clown. Hurts Donut Company really want to bring the Halloween spirit to life with their delivery service.

Hopefully, you're not evil enough to send someone a surprise delivery from this evil donut company!