There is an El Paso driver that gets double-takes from other drivers around town. Not necessarily their driving skills that grab attention but it is their car that does. I never was aware of a car that was decked out with so many things on it.

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Now considering how much driving I do in El Paso I am stunned I haven't come across this unique car. A friend of mine Adrian Castillo shared a picture on his Facebook story.

Adrian Castillo was out and about when he came across this unique car in El Paso. Not sure what kind of car this is but I do know that it looks amazing.

This car would have me doing a double-take if I ever came across it which, unfortunately, I haven't. Also, a friend who I work with was mentioning that there is a Lightning McQueen car she has spotted in the Lower Valley.

I would love to spot this car with toy figurines as much as the Lightning McQueen car around El Paso. Now after talking to another friend she had mentioned that police officers tend to be really strict about things like this.

But I wonder if the driver ever worries about strangers stealing any of their toy figurines glued to the car. I have a feeling the driver uses Gorilla Glue so don't even bother trying to steal any toys. What you will be able to easily spot out is the chickens, owls, apples, and stickers stuck on top of the car.

I wish I could spend some time driving around El Paso looking for this unique car. Except for the way the gas prices are now, I am limited to a certain area.

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