“That’s not rock!” It’s a cry we’ve heard from many hard rock and metal fans each year when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations come out. But as the Rock Hall salutes acts from the rock ’n’ roll era across all genres, there are inevitably going to be some nominees that raise the eyebrows of rock and metal fans. So, we’re hosting a bracket over the month of March to see which non-traditional rock artist you WOULD most likely accept into the Rock Hall.

As fan voting in the actual Rock Hall poll continues to determine who will make the fan ballot this year, it’s safe to assume that some combination of Judas Priest, Rage Against the Machine, Pat Benatar, Devo, Beck, the New York Dolls and MC5 will likely appeal to the rock purists who feel that the Rock Hall should live up to its title, excluding all other genres and styles of music. But our bracket tourney seeks to find out which of the remaining acts up for possible induction this year rocks the most in your eyes.

Our eight artist tournament includes members who have rocked their respective fields in rap, country, new wave, R&B and pop, each making significant contributions to the world of music in general.

So who will you vote for? Click the button below to see the first match-up in our “Does It Rock Your Hall?” bracket tournament.

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