There is a place that exists for adults to act like kids without their kids around in Texas. Parents always try their best to take their kids on the best summer vacations. But sometimes even parents need vacations too.

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Luckily, there is a place for adults-only to let loose and have some fun under the sun. Thankfully, the adults-only waterpark is in Texas and not super far away.

The adults-only waterpark is in College Station, Texas, and looks like a hell of a lot of fun. In order to make it a great one, you know going with some good company helps.

Don't get me wrong here, I love and enjoy my kiddo's company but sometimes single parents, need a break. For example, when my kids are away I use that free time to get ahead for work instead of play. Well, there is a place that exists in Texas where adults can play like kids.

The Cove at Bear X is where adults can escape reality for a bit and enjoy the best daycation in Texas. There are different kinds of activities the adults can do while at The Cove at Bear X.

There’s the massive lazy river to float around, a proflow surf machine, live music, yard games, and a swim-up bar.

There isn’t a waterpark that is for adults-only in El Paso since most of them are kid-friendly. But I truly believe a waterpark specifically made for only adults would do well in El Paso.

But for now, you have to travel to College Station if you would like to scope out a waterpark that doesn’t allow children. Personally, in my opinion, this is the cheaper way to get a feel of what Vegas pool parties are like.

So if you have kids or not, now you know about a place that’s exclusively for adults. You should know there aren’t a lot of spots if you exclude bars and nightclubs.

Just check out Nathan Maybry’s YouTube video above to get an idea of what an adult waterpark looks like. If you and your gang of friends dip out of El Paso and go, make sure to follow The 10 Covemandment’s from BearX Daycation Resort’s YouTube video below.

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