We've all heard that if you dig straight through the Earth, you'll wind up in China. Right?  Well, you won't.

People, movies, cartoons, jokes, etc have always kept the myth alive that, digging straight through the Earth … from the United States anyway … will take you to China. A new, interactive map has completely disproven that.

First of all, it's impossible. Second of all, if it was possible, the intense pressure would kill you. Third, you're going to melt along the way because it's REALLY freakin' hot down there. Finally, China isn't where you'll wind up anyway.

Digging straight through the Earth from El Paso will land you, or "drop" you I guess, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and Australia. While the water may cool you off after the billion-degree heat at the Earth's core, you better be a strong swimmer as you are going to be thousands of miles from land.

See for yourself here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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