Working with Buzz through the years, I've learned a lot about him. He's adopted, he prefers his pork chops in a cup holder and, occasionally, he treats himself to trash can/coffee grounds cake. But nothing could have prepared me for what I saw today!

Buzz is no stranger to online shopping, we have a whole segment of "ZZZ-bay" where Buzz pops a Lunesta and does some online shopping. Because Buzz is usually here at work, he has his packages delivered here to the station. Lately, we haven't seen any packages, though. That is until today.

As I sat at my desk, which is actually a newsroom for everyone to use, I noticed a purple package. Because I am nosy, I decided to investigate the box. The cover said "Adore Me" which, as a woman, I'm quite aware of what kind of website that box comes from. For those not in the know, Adore Me is a lingerie website, they also sell swimsuits, but it's mostly lingerie.


I thought: "Who could possibly have their lingerie sent to the station?!" Then I turned it over to see who it was for. It was addressed to none other than Mr. Buzz Adams himself.


At first, you had my curiosity box, now, you have my full attention. I did what I'm sure anyone in my situation would do: convince Buzz to open the package while I filmed it. Did Buzz order lingerie? Did his girlfriend take his phone again and order something for herself and had it accidentally sent to the station? Well, you'll never guess what was in the box!

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