Destination El Paso, along with Sanders Wingo, has released a new video that highlights all the amazing changes and great things El Paso has to offer. Visit El Paso, also known as Destination El Paso, is where visitors of the city can go to find all the great activities the Sun City has to offer. According to Downtown El Paso, Destination El Paso is in charge of providing "convention, tourism, venue and event management services to visitors, clients, and the greater El Paso community." This is a big job that encompasses all areas of entertainment in the city to make sure people know all the great things there are to see and do in the Sun City.

To give people a great visual of all El Paso has to offer, they've released a new two-minute video on Vimeo that highlights some of those things. From a Chihuahuas baseball game, a ride on the trolley, using the skateparks, enjoying the fine dining, checking out a concert and more, this videos shows a lot of the things we all enjoy as El Pasoans. Check out the video above and see if there are any other activities they missed that we have here in El Paso.

Mika Makelainen

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