Let's kick it.

We all remember Robert van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice and his infamous song 'Ice Ice  Baby'. You all can admit at one point you all loved it and definitely had the tape ... okay, okay, I'll admit at one point I actually liked this song and had the tape.

Now time has passed and a youtube user, who we can say has a lot of time on their hands has made a really awesome video. It is the song Ice Ice Baby sung by movies ... a total of 280 movies. It took 3 months to create and let me tell you, it is definitely worth it!!!



While I was there, I decided to check out what other stuff they had and came across this one of the movie "The Warriors". (Did you know that actor James Remar who plays Dexter's dad on the show "Dexter" was in the movie "The Warriors"? Definitely a must watch. Love that movie.) Its his version of the Mentos commercial.



How many movies can you name?!


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