We head to Morning Show Court to hear why Lisa has taken up for the defense of Prince N'Jadaka aka Eric Stevens aka Killmonger. The entire morning show decided to find a villain of their choosing a defend their reasoning as to why they are really the victim here. Buzz chose the Wicked Witch of the East, Joanna the witch in Hansel and Gretel, Brandon chose Jigsaw from the Saw movies. For my defendant, I decided to go with the TRUE leader of Wakanda- Prince N'Jadaka. Here is my argument I made during the show this morning, and I hope you agree.

"Good morning people of the morning show court, your honorable Pseudo- Underwood. Today, we’re here to discuss a case that wouldn’t even be in front of you if not for the murderous acts of a now deceased King. Eric Stevens was a happy kid. He lived in a rough neighborhood and was surrounded by violence and crime because “everybody dies around here.” But he had something that gave him hope. A father that loved and adored him. But his father, Prince N’Jobu, was murdered in cold blood by his own brother, King T’Chaka. His body, left on the ground to be discovered by his young son with panther claws in his chest. This incident alone is enough to give someone PTSD but Eric persevered. He graduated from MIT, excelled in the military by becoming a black operative, always motivated by the malicious death of his father. Eric wanted revenge, but not just for him, for every African person in the world who he felt was abandoned by the people of Wakanda, and the Wakandan royal family. After the unfortunate death of King T’Chaka, Stevens saw his chance. Eric Stevens could have led a bloody advance against the people of Wakanda, attempting to force them to open the border and allow him into the country. Instead, he personally kills only one person- Ulysses Klaue. The man who killed multiple members of the Wakandan border tribe. He enacts vengeance for the people of Wakandan instead of himself.

By requesting an audience with the royal family and the leaders of the Wakandan tribes he isn’t forcing their hand to give him the throne- he’s there to exercise his birthright for the mantle of king. During the ritual, M’Baku exercised his right as the leader of the Jabari tribe and lost. Eric Stevens, N’Jadaka by his Wakandan birthname, exercised his right and won his fight at Warrior Falls. He was the rightful leader of the Wakandan people. If not for the fisherman who found T’CHalla and brought him to the Jabari he would have died. The challenge for the mantle of king is supposed to be a duel between to single warriors, and the interference by the fisherman as well as the Jabari violated these terms. T’Challa essentially forfeited his right as King, or more like M’Baku did by assisting him." 

After making my case to our Judge for the day, attorney Justin Underwood, it was decided that his previous actions would have made him ineligible for the battle for the mantle of King. I countered with the fact that T'Challa accepted his challenge, even being fully aware of his previous crimes. Judge Underwood ruled that with that knowledge, King T'Challa was within his right to contest the "win" by Killmonger and start the singles combat again. Even though I made an admirable attempt at saving King Killmonger, he unfortunately lost the crown again.

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