Yes, it's the best time of the year in Texas...the time of the year when we LOSE an hour of daylight and an hour of sleep (yes that was sarcasm). Every year, around March, we need to set our clocks back in an hour and this year...well it's no exception.

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When does daylight savings start in Texas?

This year we jump forward an hour on March 10th, Sunday, right at 2 am. This will go into effect until November 3rd when we will MERCIFULLY get that hour of sleep back. Thankfully if you work late, or you partied the night prior, you probably won't notice it.

Why does Texas even have daylight savings?

Out of all 50 U.S. states, only 2 don't follow daylight savings; Arizona & Hawaii. The rest of us do thanks to the Uniform Time Act that was put in place in 1966. While the country has many time zones, the Uniform Time Act makes sure that every state follows the rules on the "Spring forward"/"fall back" method (jump forward an hour & then fall back an hour).

Although Texas has been known to say that we LOVE the idea of daylight savings so much, we've tried to say we should permanently STAY on daylight saving times in 2023.

Of course, this was last year and we have yet to see anything change from Congress. So until then, we must keep changing our clocks every year.

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There is good news -- at least we'll have much more sun in Texas.  Which means more time to go exploring or get some exercise...Hey, it's something, right?

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