Day Of The Dead is about remembering lost loved ones. Over the years, the KLAQ family has lost a few.

You're not just a listener to KLAQ, you ARE The Q. You're truly family. C'mon, we see each other at key events, we celebrate together when we can and we don't always agree on things. (Buzz, we're looking at you...) 'Ya see? You're one of us and, as you let us into your lives every day, we become one of yours.

So, let's raise a toast to those we've all lost! May we remember them always and hold tight the wonderful memories and lessons they left us with. As for the "lost DJ's", their memories are alive and well here at KLAQ and we salute each of them this Day of the Dead and always.


  • Arin Michaels
  • (For photos, click here)
  • "Magic" Mike Ramsey
  • Photo, Facebook/Jacqueline Ramsey
    Photo, Facebook/Jacqueline Ramsey
  • "Big" Al Jones
  • Photo, Facebook/Al Jones
    Photo, Facebook/Al Jones
  • Scott Ronson (El Ralampago Blanco)
  • Photo, Facebook/R. Madrigal
    Photo, Facebook/R. Madrigal
  • Rick "Mardi Gras" Madrigal
  • Photo, Facebook/Remembering Rick Madrigal
    Photo, Facebook/Remembering Rick Madrigal

    Until we meet again ...

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