Yet another live music venue, Gas Monkey Live, has fallen victim to the COVID 19 pandemic. Well, sorta ...

The venue is actually not closing completely but will merge with its neighbor and sister venue, the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in a move that seems to have been planned prior to the pandemic in the first place. A report on says:

... present and former employees confirmed that the venue will merge with its nearby sibling Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill, located just a few doors away. The two Facebook pages have become one, the phone number is disconnected, and the Gas Monkey Live website has been abandoned and is for sale on

The venue has been a live music fixture for 6 or 7 years now and was a favorite for hard rock and metal bands, their fans and crews because it was set up so perfectly. I know a ton of people who played there and have never heard anyone say one bad thing about it. I must admit, I'm bummed that I never got to see or work a show there for myself.

The COVID 19 situation, with all the show cancellations it's caused, has hit music venues all over the country really hard, causing many of them to go under. Here in El Paso, we're fortunate that our hard rock and metal haven ... the Rockhouse Bar & Grill ... is poised to come back from this better than ever and has many shows scheduled for us to look forward to.



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