Driving is a risky thing. It might be something you do every day, but do you really think about all the dangers that come with getting behind the wheel?

My parents taught me how to drive and shoved the fear of driving down my throat. They always told me that my car is a weapon, so I need to be aware of my surrounding at all times. This is pretty easy for any observant driver, but you can't control if your fellow drivers are following this rule.

Recently, I've noticed a few news stories about multiple driving incidents between Fabens, Texas and Clint, Texas.

The most recent incident looked scary; but it really wasn't as bad as the photo depicts, according to the Fabens Fire Department.

After posting the original photo of the semi vs car incident, many people started reaching out to know about the drivers.

Luckily the Fabens Fire Department did update us on the incident and surprisingly, BOTH drivers walked away with minor injuries.

Back in February, there was a single motor vehicle incident that happened in the same area. As well as a tragic crash involving one woman who slammed into a semi trailer in her car.

Even a four-vehicle crash was reported in the area at the beginning of February.

I know there are crashes all over El Paso, it just seems odd that so many have happened in that area in the past few months. Stay safe while driving around El Paso and remember to stay off your phones.

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