You guys remember Soil right??

One HELL of a band that has rocked El Paso a time or 2!!  On their own tours as well as a Q Street Fest and a Q Balloonfest! 

Tim and the guys have always been the coolest people and late last year, they re-introduced a former member to the fold, Ryan McCombs!!  (Former Drowning Pool 'throat' and a veteran of several Q events as well!)  They also now have former Staind drummer Jon Wysocki in the lineup!

Anyway, they're back up and running and touring America !!  Let's start blowing up their facebook page with requests to get 'em to come back here again!


Here's a look back at their Balloonfest performance from 2012!!

Speaking of Balloonfest; remember Balloonfest jr happens Friday at Wet n Wild as Hellyeah tear into the park for their make up show!!

More details at!!