33 years after the original, "Coming to America" franchise returned Friday…to mostly lukewarm reviews.

The movie, which is currently sitting on a 48% on Rotten Tomatoes, doesn’t have the heart or the brains of the first movie. At least half of the jokes in Coming 2 America are callbacks to jokes in the original that were much better the first time around.

However, I recommend seeing it if for no other reason than one stellar, career-best performance.

The performance isn’t from Eddie Murphy. Nor is it from Arsenio Hall.

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It’s not from newcomer to the series, Jermaine Fowler, although he does a fine job as the long-lost son of Prince Akeem.

The REAL star of the movie is, without any doubt, Wesley Snipes as General Izzi, the warlord from the neighboring country of Nextdoria, whose sister Prince Akeem snubbed as his bride in the first film.

To say Wesley Snipes hams it up as General Izzi is an understatement. Snipes doesn’t just “chew the scenery”; he chews it, purees, and mulches it.

Snipes' acting career has slowly revived after serving prison time for income tax fraud from 2011 to 2013. Many of his roles since then have been of the cameo variety or direct-to-video fare. His performance in C2A serves as an announcement that Wesley Snipes is BACK…not as a leading man, necessarily, nor as a big-budget action star…but as a hilarious scene-stealer.

Check out Snipe’s introductory scene as Izzi. I think you’ll be impressed by how he totally dominates the screen (and he does this every single time he shows up).

Welcome back, Daywalker. Welcome back.

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