College is never really cheap but, you're better off here, financially speaking than almost any place else.

A recent study by has ranked El Paso #14 in its list of the top 25 "most affordable college towns".  Albuquerque was our nearest competitor, edging us out at #12.  We had the largest population of all 25, here is how they broke us down:


  • Median monthly rent is $595.45, with monthly utilities averaging $123.97.
  • A gallon of gas is $2.48, while a one-way local train fare is $1.50.
  • A movie ticket is $9.00, and a 0.5-liter of domestic beer is $2.00.
  • Minimum wage starts at $7.25.


  • 683,080


I'm not sure exactly where they got that $1.50 local train fare but, I love the fact that they worked average beer prices into all their figures.  To read up on all the other 24 cities, click here.

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